Sono lieto di annunciare e promuovere il workshop CDBCs, Digital Currencies and Assets Tokenization: opportunities and risks che insieme al collega prof. Andrea Bracciali dell'Università di Stirling stiamo organizzando come evento ancillare al primo convegno nazionale di crittografia, CIFRIS23, che si terrà il 14 e 15 Dicembre prossimi a Roma presso gli uffici della Consob.

Sarà un'occasione unica per un confronto necessario e qualificato tra gli esponenti del mondo bancario, i giuristi e gli esperti di tecnologia e privacy per mettere sul tavolo luci e ombre, così come opportunità e rischi della tokenizzazione degli asset finanziari e dell'introduzione di una nuova forma di valuta statale digitale, la cosìddetta Central Bank Digital Currency o più semplicemente il Digital Euro nel caso della nostra valuta.

Allego di seguito la call for paper per la partecipazione al workshop.

Call for papers

Cifris Innovation 2023 Workshop: CDBCs, Digital Currencies and Assets Tokenization: opportunities and risks

When: Dec 15th 2023 

Where: Consob headoffices, Via Giovanni Battista Martini, 3 - 00198 Rome (Italy)

Submission Deadline: Nov 10th 2023

Notification Due: Nov 15th 2023 

Cifris Innovation Workshop will be hosted within CIFRIS23, an international event, supported and organized by De Cifris, aimed at bringing together researchers in the field of cryptography, practitioners, developers, and users to foster cooperation and exchange techniques, tools, experiences, and ideas.


As the financial landscape undergoes a paradigm shift with the advent of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), central banks worldwide, including the European Central Bank (ECB) and the Bank of England (BoE), are delving deep into the study and potential implementation of this groundbreaking innovation. CBDCs promise large-scale efficiency but also pose significant challenges, including potential centralization and control unprecedented in the financial sector. Moreover, an in-depth exploration into the tokenization of real-world (RWA) and financial assets will reveal how assets from real estate to art are being digitized, unlocking liquidity, and offering unprecedented opportunities for diversification and inclusion in the investment sphere. Yet, these advancements are not without their challenges. The legal, regulatory, and ethical dilemmas presented by tokenization will be rigorously examined.This workshop aims to foster a rich dialogue on the opportunities and risks associated with CBDCs, digital currencies, and tokenization of assets focusing on both national and international perspectives, including a European context.

Topics of Interest

We invite submissions for short papers that explore a diverse range of topics and present timely results and ongoing research, including but not limited to:

The Technological Backbone of CBDCs: Design and Implications

Privacy Concerns and Preemptive Censorship in the Age of Digital Currencies

Regulatory Frameworks for the tokenization of Real World Assets

CBDCs and Individual Privacy: Striking a Balance

The Future of Money Ownership: direct liability to central banks and the role of commercial banks

Legal Hot Topics Surrounding CBDCs

CBDCs and stablecoins: functional similarities and divergences

Real World Asset Tokens and digital finance: unlocked opportunities and disruption of current business models

International Perspectives on the Adoption and Integration of CBDCs

Submission Guidelines

Paper Length: Abstracts/Short papers (2 pages).

Submission mailbox:

Language: All submissions must be in English.

Review Process

Submissions will be evaluated by an expert panel through a rigorous  peer-review process, focusing on the originality, relevance, and potential impact of the presented research. In order to be considered for journal post-proceedings (see below), submissions must be unpublished or amenable to be extended with a consistent amount of unpublished material.


Accepted abstract will be published in the deCifris conference proceedings. A post-workshop journal publication will be organised and (selected) contributions will be invited to an extended submission, with a deadline in early 2024 (to be agreed). 


For further inquiries, please contact

We eagerly anticipate a vibrant exchange of ideas that will shape the discourse on the future of digital currencies, fostering innovation while safeguarding individual rights and privacy.

Program committee (TBC):

Andrea Bracciali (University of Stirling)

Davide Carboni (Uncommon Digital / LUISS)

Guneet Kaur (University of Stirling) 

Filippo  Zatti  (University of Florence)

We look forward to meeting you in Rome at the deCifris conference to discuss your ideas about such a critical discussion on the evolving landscape of digital currencies.